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About us

I am Serhiy Koval, the founder of the company “KSM UA”. I would like to tell you why we could be useful for your business and why we stand out from the rest. The idea of creating a perfect distribution company occurred to me as far back as 2006, when I encountered difficulties with the purchase of goods.  From the very start I have been facing problems connected with the activity of suppliers who don’t bear any responsibility for:

— non- correspondence between the range of goods on the price-list and their real availability;
— changing either quantity or price of goods after all the arrangements made;
— groundless increase of prices;
— lack of scarce commodities.

Putting effort only into highest possible sales, our suppliers didn’t even try to build long-term partnership. We have experienced all these drawbacks and thus we want to become not only your suppliers or customers, but also to be your real PARTNERS and FRIENDS that appreciate cooperation.

We follow the market’s trends and explore state-of-the-art technologies to meet your requirements. Our greatest value is long-term cooperation with our partners which will guaranty our mutual development.